The Body Politic

Photo by Nhia Moua on Unsplash

The body’s a Democracy.
Its parts are free and proud.
Yet they have to work together!
One must sit atop the crowd.

Human brains - that’s where the smarts is,
but to creatures who have seen us 
it is clear the brain can’t overrule 
the heart, sometimes.  Or penis. 

So when there’s an election
power shifts can be abrupt!
Any body part can lead us.
Any organ can stand up.  

Like the lungs, which make their case
each time the body takes a breath.
And their platform is compelling! 
“Choose your lungs”, they say, “or death.”  

But the eyeball is all seeing,
and the elbow bends just right,
and the skin is warm and smooth.
That hypothalamus is bright!  

Or the kidneys, which are vital
though they sometimes can be pissy. 
Or the stomach, or the inner ear!
The options make you dizzy.

So it’s not always the brain 
that wins the prize and runs the show.
It could be some other organ.
But c’mon?  That asshole?   NO!  


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